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Hello there, I'm Hunter Rienholdt a zoologist and professional snake wrangler. When you have a problem with snakes and you need a solution, I'm the man you need to call. And while I have a private practice as a snake wrangler, I've decided to give back to the community be taking all of my knowledge and create this site, How To Get Rid Of Snakes. I'll post articles that I have written that will inform you and hopefully keep you safe when it comes to ridding your property of snakes. Stick around a while and ask some questions, I'll be happy to help you out!

Learn How to Trap a Snake Without Getting Bit

People should learn how to trap a snake because they never know when they will find themselves with a snake in the house or backyard. It is not that hard to learn how to trap a snake once you overcome your fear of them.

You can learn how to trap a snake that is wild and still do it in a humane way. For some people being humane is not important when they want to learn how to trap a snake. There are some people who consider snakes to be nasty reptiles and want to learn how to trap a snake and kill it. Nevertheless, only the humane way on how to trap a snake will be presented here. What you do with the snake that you catch when you learn how to trap a snake is completely up to you.

The first, and perhaps the most important step in learning how to trap a snake is to find out whether or not the snake you are trying to catch is poisonous. This is very important for your own safety. If you have gotten a look at the snake before, then you can research its species by color, length and other markings to see if it is a poisonous snake or not. If it is a poisonous snake, then it is suggested that you leave trapping it up to the professionals. Still, you are going to learn how to trap a snake and this method can very well work for poisonous snakes.

The next step for how to trap a snake is to find a long slender object such as a stick and use it to pin the snake’s head down. Now here comes the fun part; pick up the snake by its neck off the ground. Be sure to keep a firm grip on the snake’s neck because this is how to trap a snake without getting bit.

Now that you have learned how to trap a snake, be sure to be kind to the snake and let it loose in a safe new area where it can have many places to hide. To release the snake point its head towards a place you know it would like to hide and reverse the process that you used to capture it. While still holding the snake’s neck firmly, use a stick to pin its head down on the ground, take a few steps back and then release the pressure off the snake’s head and walk away.

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