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Hello there, I'm Hunter Rienholdt a zoologist and professional snake wrangler. When you have a problem with snakes and you need a solution, I'm the man you need to call. And while I have a private practice as a snake wrangler, I've decided to give back to the community be taking all of my knowledge and create this site, How To Get Rid Of Snakes. I'll post articles that I have written that will inform you and hopefully keep you safe when it comes to ridding your property of snakes. Stick around a while and ask some questions, I'll be happy to help you out!

Snake Guard Traps

If you live in a snake-prone area, you already know how necessary it is to protect yourself. There are over 8000 different varieties of snakes in the US and more than 23 varieties of rattlesnakes. Although there are so many varieties, almost 20%-30% of all the snake bites that happen are dry bites or bites that did not managed to penetrate the skin at all.

Using a Snake Guard trap is necessary if you stay in a rural area and commonly see snakes in and around your home. To protect yourself, we suggest you invest in good snake repellents that will ensure that snakes stay away from your home and possessions. One of the best ways to protect your home from snakes is to use a professional grade product like Snake Guard. This is a very useful and effective product and it can be great to control any snakes in your neighborhood.

How it works?
You can literally use Snake Guard anywhere inside or outside your house. The product is a trap that allows snakes to enter but does not allow them to leave after trapping them inside. The trap can be baited with any type of product on the inside or you can also use the Snake Guard just with the glue board to catch snakes. You can use Snake Guard on your garden as well. Snakes love long grass and summer flowers. We suggest you trim down the grass in your locality as much as possible. Try to avoid placing anything in your yard and particularly avoid all forms or ornaments in your garden. Snakes love sheltering areas and hollow lawn ornaments are an ideal place for them to nest. An ideal way to use Snake Guard on your lawn is to make it flat and clean or anything that can provide a place for snakes to rest. Place the Snake Guard boards all over the garden and especially in dark and damp areas that you cannot be cleaned out. The glue board will catch the snake and you can then release it anywhere you want.

Where to buy?
If you live in an area prone to snakes, its a good idea to buy three to ten of these Snake Guard boards and sprinkle them around your home. We also suggest that you use two to three different types of protective or repellent products that will keep the snakes away. There are many places where you can find these Snake Guard products online or at virtual stores. The Snake Guard product is not sold through retail stores. We suggest you pick two or three different snake repellent options and combine them to protect your home from snakes properly. Since there are so many different varieties of snakes, we suggest you hire a professional snake exterminator in case of problems.

Snake Extermination

Ah, snakes are actually quite beautiful. They are ergonomically designed, efficient, completely silent and very effective killing machines. However, no matter how beautiful they are, no one actually likes them very much. This is because there are over 8000 varieties of snakes in the US and more than 25% of them are poisonous. As a result, humans actively root out snakes with complex snake extermination procedures to ensure that their dwellings are safe. If you live in a snake-prone area, we suggest that you evaluate your locality for snakes and carry out as regular snake extermination procedures. Here is what you can do:

Hire professional snake extermination companies:
There are many professional snake extermination companies that will clear out your home for you. We suggest you get in touch with your local zoo authorities who will know someone who will check your home. This is usually the cheapest and most affordable way to clear your home of the reptile.

Protecting your home:
Snake like warm, dark areas with a food source close by. For example, if your home is filled with rats, then snakes are going to come. Snake extermination is possible by first clearing your home of food sources.

We suggest you start snake extermination procedures by first checking all nooks and crannies in your home or by filling the holes up with sand or cement.

Clear up any accumulated debris, dead plants and leaves that are there around your home as a part of your snake extermination procedures. This will remove any hiding places for the snakes.

Setting up traps is a very effective snake extermination procedure. There are many varieties of snake extermination traps that you can use. We suggest that you choose a variety of traps and use it in combination with other snake extermination procedures to kill all the snakes in your home.

If most of these snake extermination procedures do not work and you know that there is a snake in the house; we suggest you place wet cloths in the house and cover them with a dry cloth. Snakes like these moist and dry areas and are more likely to hide in these areas. Once you have removed the snake, you can put in extra traps just in case to catch any more snakes.

Chemical snake extermination is one of the easiest ways to flush out snakes from your home and it is also an easy way to protect your home. There are several brands of chemical snake extermination products on the market and you can pick and choose the right one for your needs.

Most of these snake extermination procedures do work but we do suggest that you get a professional to do the job. This is particularly important if you live in an area well-known for poisonous snakes.